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We could communicate via carrier pigeons and smoke signals, unfortunately we are afraid of pigeons and we have also stopped smoking.

With Volunteer Abroad Alliance we prefer the following modern means of communication with which we have experience by ourselves.

Contact Volunteer Abroad Alliance

We strive to provide the best service as possible when you contact Volunteer Abroad Alliance.

We are active in a sector based on trust. This only can be achieved through communication with experts in their field – From the first contact past your tenth volunteer experience.

You always talk to a human.

Have questions about our Alliance? Our Coordinator has years of experiences in development aid and volunteering. From basic questions to complex inquiries, we’re here to help!

Interested in learning more about our projects, or any preperation questions? Our Mentors take time to make our operations clear to you and help you to prepare yourself for an excellent volunteer placement.

Post Address

Diestersteenweg 28 box 1
3510 Kermt

Direct Contact

Phone: +3211493270 (CET 12PM-8PM)

Online Meeting

We are only volunteer and operate around our kitchen table but you can have an online meeting with on of our volunteers.

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