Volunteer Abroad Alliance

Great things are never done by one person.
They are done by a team of people.

Meet Our Team

An alliance with a lot of experience

Volunteer Abroad Alliance is a Belgian alliance of registered non-profits & NGO’s. Volunteer Abroad Alliance can rely on years of experience. The participating organizations in our alliance have been active in their projects for years. This alliance provides assurance on top expertise. Being involved for many years our alliance members understand the projects, local culture & customs better than anyone else in the respective country where we organize volunteer placements.

Our way of working guarantees a positive impact, not only on the community, but also on you as a volunteer. With Volunteer Abroad Alliance we create, a win-win situation for everybody involved in the process.

Participating organizations are active in development councils and their projects are annually evaluated by various expert committees, which means that the projects in which you will work are reliable with a focus on progress and cooperation.

We want volunteers to spend their time efficiently and be able to give their best to NGO’s & NON-PROFITS, who will truly use it for positive cause. It is important to know that your work will help the NGO’s to reach their goals.
Our validation process has been created thoroughly and with care. Our double validation is the only way we truly can have the impact we want on the world. Operating this way makes sure that all our projects have valid project licensing and legal registration.

  1. all cooperating partners in our Alliance are officially registered as an non-profit aid organization in a Western country (mainly Belgium)
  2. All organizations cooperate with a registered partner in one of the countries where you will be volunteering.

We take our projects serious. In our alliance we regard quality more important than quantity.This means that conditions to volunteer may seem stricter than with other organizations.

Volunteers for volunteers

Meet our team that voluntarily supports our projects in various areas on a daily basis. Our team has years of experience in develeopment cooperation in various countries. All mentors are co-initiators of our projects and are daily active in fundraising activities for their projects.

Ward - Initiator Volunteer Abroad Alliance


Initiator, Alliance's President & Mentor for Laos​

Ward is responsible for the daily coordination of our alliance and is also mentor for the volunteers to Laos. Ward volunteered for 3 years in Laos and he is actively raising funds for our education projects in Laos. Ward holds the “Community-Based Development” certificate issued by Colorado State University and followed the BTC info cycle organized by the Belgian Development Agency. You can read more about Ward on our history page.
In his personal life, he likes to make funny faces with his sons or do fun things with his family.

Ket - Volunteer Abroad Alliance team member


Alliance's Vice President & Mentor for Laos

Ket comes from Laos and she is Ward his support in his daily work. Ket helps Ward with performing various tasks. Ket met Ward when he was volunteering in Laos and together they founded a family.
Ket was able to experience personally what it feels like to have difficulty gaining access to education, so she decided to put her shoulders under Ward’s projects and thus help others.
Who else but Ket and Ward can be a better guide for your volunteer work in Laos.



Timo has worked as a volunteer on our projects several times. Our youngest students in Laos call him “Timo Piba”, which means “Timo is crazy”, to give you an idea of how much he loved his students. Timo is an ambassador (providing information sessions) and mentor for our departing volunteers. 

Ella - team member Volunter Abroad Alliance



As a former volunteer, Ella can also tell you more about what volunteering abroad means. Ella is an ambassador and mentor for our departing volunteers.  

Angelo - team member volunteer abroad alliance


Digital Marketing Advisor

As a former volunteer, Angelo wanted to continue to contribute in which he is good. Angelo is a specialist in Digital Marketing and with his help we can find more committed volunteers.

Marleen - Team member Volunteer Abroad Alliance


Mentor for Tanzania

Marleen studied as a nurse. She has been Henny’s best friend (see local team Tanzania) since 1987. Together with Henny she has been active for years in our projects in Tanzania. Marleen is a busy bee as mother of 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.


Mentor for Senegal

In 2008, Sophie was a founding member of our school group in Warang, Senegal. She is the driving force behind the projects in Senegal and provides education and future to children who do not have these opportunities.

Yvo & Marita team members volunteer abroad alliance

Yvo & Marita

Mentors for Peru

Since 2002, Yvo & Marita have supported ten, mainly educational, projects that seek to improve the living standards, health and self-esteem of children in the poorest regions in Peru. It is in one of these projects in Peru that you will work as a volunteer.
Marita is from Peru and Yvo knows the country like the back of his hand and speaks Spanish fluently. As a volunteer you cannot imagine any better help to prepare yourself for your volunteer work in Peru.


Mentor for Cambodia

Mark has been working in Cambodia for several years. He lives in Siem Reap and manages with his team a network of Teacher Training initiatives.
Peter - team member gambia


Mentor for Gambia

Following his participation in the “Antwerp-Banjul rally”, Peter came into contact with the community and was the founder of the projects. It is in these projects that you will cooperate.
Peter repeatedly travels to Gambia with or without his wife and daughters. He now knows everything by heart. Peter is so loved by the community that one of the villagers even named his children after Peter his daughters.

Jean team member volunteer Abroad Alliance


Mentor for Ecuador

Jean founded our operations in Ecuador in 2002. He initiated and established all projects in Ecuador.
Jean already supervised university students during the development of their thesis.


Mentor for Ghana

During a cycling tour in 2007, Luc visited a number of primary schools in the Kpando district in the Volta region. In 2008 he returned with a number of sports friends to organize a sports internship and renovate a school. Upon their return, it was then decided to further support the region around Kpando.

The Organizations In Our Alliance

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