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Clear financial structure

We are not circus artists, so we are not juggling with percentages in nice looking charts. Transperency is very important for us. All numbers end directly where they belong. 

Do you think it is logical for that you pay for your costs related to your stay to a broker or middle organization? We don’t! In our alliance you are sure you volunteer abroad transparent, therefore you pay all possible costs related to your experience directly to the person who’s taking care of this.


Accommodation & Meals

Volunteering abroad is associated with costs and it is not the intention that the community you are going to help is paying for this. If there were enough budgets to bear these costs, we would spend this on local employees who understand the local culture and it’s daily customs. You pay these costs directly on site to the people who organizing your stay. So you are 100% sure that your contribution ends up where it belongs and not in the hands an intermediate station.

The cost for housing vary from country to country and from project to project. Where you might have a hot water shower and a western toilet in a single room at one destination, you might stay in a small dorm with shared sanitary facilities at another destination. Each destination has its own charm, but it does affect the accommodation costs.

On the information page of each destination you can read exactly how much the costs are related to that destination, what is included and not included.

Alliance Fee

Many projects require a continuity of volunteers to create impact and we want to ensure sufficient inflow of volunteers to keep every project viable. Unfortunately volunteer recruitment comes with costs such as marketing. The fundraising done by the organizations in our alliance are exclusively used for development projects in the countries mentioned on this website.

The alliance fee serves to bear the costs of the alliance’s platform. We ask every participant a one-time alliance fee of € 130. This is a one-time contribution which you pay after being accepted for your first volunteer placement. After payment of this contribution you can do unlimited voluntary work in any project in the future (if there is availability and you meet the set requirements for that project).
As a member, we always inform you as soon as new projects are added in our alliance.

What is your alliance fee used for?

  1. Despite of our good intentions, we are also obliged to pay taxes. After this the balance is used for: annual costs for the management of our platform such as the maintenance of the registration database, administration …. We try to minimize these costs, but we have to cover them. We also have a great looking website that needs to be maintained and kept up-to-date.
  2. Promotion costs money and we want to be visible as much as possible so we find enough volunteers for each project. Your contribution is also used for promotions on various media, printed materials etc. Besides this we also try to attend as many fairs & network events as possible.
  3. We are only volunteers and put a lot of effort in our projects but also in your preperation. In the past we had volunteers not showing up which is very disturbing to our team and local communities that we support. We also view this contribution as a form of guarantee that you will actually fulfill your commitment.

Volunteer Abroad Alliance is a transparent registered Non-Profit

Our alliance is registered  as a non-profit organization under number 0639.967.396 with the Belgian Authorities. Just like any other non-profit organization, we are obliged to submit our annual statements to the authorities.

Volunteer somewhere else?

We have no problem that you do voluntary work elsewhere. On the contrary, it is our mission to convince as many people as possible to engage in development cooperation.

Be careful when you commit with any organization and pay attention to following points in your evaluation:

  • How are they registered?
  • What do they personally contribute to the projects?
  • Are they actively fundraising?
  • Insist that you want to pay for all costs directly to the person who’s organizing the service for you (e.g. housing)?
  • If you are unable to pay for the accommodation on site due to organizational circumstances, always ask for a forwarding bank certificate. In this case, also ask the organizer of your stay (wherever this is) how much he/she received.
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