Volunteer Abroad Alliance

What we do for ourselves die with us,
what we do for others remains and is immortal.

Corporate Volunteering Abroad

An Alternative For Your Business Trips.

Nowadays companies are more and more involved in actions related to corporate social responsibility. Your business can come into action and share you professional knowledge for the benefits of communities in another parts of the world.

Like all business leaders, we are also committed to the development of our projects and your professional knowledge can help our projects.

With years of experience in development cooperation, we believe that we are an interesting partner for your business in developing a corporate volunteering project abroad. A corporate volunteering project project is a fully-fledged alternative to the traditional business trips, team buildings, incentives and can be combined with excursions on the spot.

We believe that a volunteer project is an added value to several objectives of your business.

Corporate volunteering
A corporate volunteer trip enhances the team spirit.

Why Organize Corporate Volunteering Abroad Trips?

Corporate Volunteering Trips

Volunteering Abroad Is A Life Changing Experience

Small Scale

The local population gets the most benefit from small-scale tourism.


Genuine discovery & meetings with the local community.

Personal involvement

You only really get to know the local community by working together with them.

Why We Organize Corporate Volunteering

corporate volunteering
Use other means of transport with your group.

Designed For Your Business

The structure of Corporate Volunteering can be determined together with your company. For groups a customized group tour can be arranged. The objectives of the group trip are determined and together a program is drawn up. Everything in the destination will be well organized from start to finish. The program also includes free time activities, so that the group also gets some of the local culture and surroundings. 

A group tour can take place more often if desired, the same or a new group could join the same community again a year later. Who knows your company will become a major support for a community, would that not be great? For example, employees can participate in the same projects at different times of the year, creating long-term cooperation with a clear impact.

We are flexible on details like budget, duration, itinerary, start and end dates, trip theme, group composition, etc. 

We have two programs which  easily can be customized to your liking. This allows you to rebuild more leisure time or activities provided by us.
We do not exclude anyone, and want to give each type of corporation a chance to get to know another culture. At the participants we only ask a good basic condition and mental health.

You come to places where you live in primitive conditions and the different climate. Your project work is tailored to your physical possibilities. It’s not a very tough trip but you have to take into account that it’s not a typical tourist trip.

Team Building

The emphasis here is on strengthening team spirit and what can be better than working together on something meaningfull. Employees of a company or organization will work together on something that the company sponsors.


Organizations use incentives for sales employees, intermediaries or customers. The reward and the associated recognition encourage desired behavior. With Volunteer Abroad Alliance we want to give companies the opportunity to offer an alternative and to offer volunteer work to their participants. It is possible for participants to join a project in group or individual.

Corporate volunteering
Your professionals can be a major support at our projects in development countries.
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