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A blog is not all about expressing your thoughts…. But also a medium to inspire others.

The benefits of your own blog

Our free blog is for every volunteer accepted for our projects. Is not that great?

  • You get your own personal webpage (volunteerabroadalliance.org/blog/chosenname) where you can write about your adventures.
  • Writing a post on your own blog is much neater than a long Facebook post. A social media post behaves like something volatile on the internet and quickly disappears from the main pages while your blog is always easily accessible.
  • You can easily share your post directly from your page to your social media, so that your friends and followers are informed about your latest adventure, while your story remains visible on your own page. You can even easily share your page on the same social media.
  • Volunteering is very diverse and every day you have new adventures which makes it hard to remember all details of the great things you've seen and done. It is a nice memory to reread all your adventures afterwards. By writing down your experiences, on your own blog, you have found a great way to recall all your memories afterwards, as they can be read in chronological order on your personal blog.
  • You do more than just sharing some images at your social media, you will also create context for your adventures and experiences. A photo of your work may look nice, but describing how difficult but also inspiring the preparations the works was only gives a complete picture.


free blog
Write where and when you want and share your experiences with the rest of the world.


How easy is a blog?


  • You don't need any technical experience for it. You can easily create your blog (once accepted as a volunteer) and write down your experiences. If you know how to send an email or post a Facebook post, you will certainly succeed.
  • Have you written a mistake somewhere, or is the text not what it should be? Then you can easily make changes afterwards.



  • Hey, you volunteer in the first place, don't you? We are not going to tell where and when you have to write your story, being “bossy” is a duty for your employer.
  • You write where and when you want. If you are a person who likes to write a post every day at breakfast about the experiences of the day before, you will soon receive an extensive diary. However, if you are the person who only wants to focus on their volunteer work and want to share the experiences weekly or at other times, then that is also an option. You decide it all yourself. We are only going to encourage you to cooperate.


On any device

You should not invest in special equipment. You can write your story on any device that connects to the internet, and with which you can write, you can even get started with your smartphone.