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Great results are never achieved by one person but by a strong team.

Volunteers for volunteers

Meet our team who voluntarily support our projects in various areas on a daily basis. Our team has many years of experience in development cooperation in various countries. Each mentor is a co-initiator of the project for which he is a mentor. In addition, your mentor is also actively raising funds for their projects on a daily basis.

Our Coordinators, mentors and support team all do this on a voluntary basis. They also all have a job (except the pensioners) and after spending their hours they spend a while at the kitchen table (after dinner of course) to devote themselves to their time with passion. their projects to spend.


Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ward
Initiator, Chairman & Mentor for Laos
Ward does the day-to-day coordination of the alliance and is also the mentor for the volunteers who go to Laos. Ward did volunteer work in Laos for 3 years and he is actively raising funds for our education projects in Laos. Ward is in possession of the “community-based development” certificate awarded by the Colorado State University and followed the BTC info cycle of the Belgian Development Agency. You read more about Ward his story on our history page. In his personal life, he likes to go crazy with his sons or do cool things with his family.
Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ket
Vice President & Mentor For Laos
Ket comes from Laos and as the wife of Ward his support. ket helps Ward performing various tasks. ket met Ward while volunteering in Laos and together they started a family. Ket has personally experienced what it is like to have difficult access to education, so she decided to give her shoulders Ward his projects and in this way help others. Who else but Ket and Ward can better guide you for your volunteer work in Laos.



Our mentors are specialists of the projects our volunteers travel to. They are the (co-) initiators of the project on site and know the projects as well as the local customs and culture. They form a bridge between you and the local team, assist you during the preparation and can also contact you during your volunteer work. Depending on the period, they are also present at your destination.

local team members

Listing some of our local team members, in reality there are many more. However, it is impossible to list every teacher, doctor, assistant, farmer, student leader, ... because that would lead to a street without end.

You can easily filter on your destination.