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Many projects 1 mission

Our Alliance member organizations have more than 25 years of experience helping communities around the world. Volunteer Abroad Alliance is registered as a non-profit organization, which means that we do not operate a business model because “doing good” is a mission and should not be a profit-based initiative.

We have no Western staff and our teams in the country where you volunteer are supported by the organizations member of our alliance. They are daily fundraising for the projects where our volunteers help the local team members.

De mission of our organization is to have a positive impact on underprivileged communities, financially first, volunteering came later.

By working together, we are stronger and candidate volunteers can commit themselves in authentic, fair & transparent projects.

Through real development cooperation with different organizations, we can spread the general costs accross several projects and increase our volunteering audience, because interests differ from person to person. Volunteers also come into contact with a variety of non-profits & NGO’s, what they can talk about int their network. Example: the nurse who goes to South Africa with an organization active in health care also encounters an educational project from another organization in Laos and tells her friend who is a teacher.

There is a lot of interest in development cooperation, but many are skeptical about traditional development cooperation. Today, everyone also wants to be able to participate in the field and become acquainted with local problems. Through volunteering you come into contact with a society that is completely different from your own environment. This not only gives you a different perspective on development cooperation, you also get a complete picture of a different culture of which you never expected to be that beautiful. Volunteering abroad in our allliance is the most obvious option to create a win-win situation for all parties.

A mission aimed at our volunteers

The society of which we are all a part has evolved enormously in recent decades. In addition to an academic education, your personal development and social skills have also become extremely important. Respect for the other, tolerance, an open mind, these are values ​​that can no longer be ignored from our current world view. It is our mission and responsibility to share the opportunities we get with those who are denied them.

Our mission is to show our volunteers a different culture: its people, religion and complex situations in other countries. In this way we hope that in the future our volunteers will have a different worldview with respect for everyone on this planet.

Our vision is to change the face of volunteering abroad and not become a travel agent. We do not believe in the term “voluntourism” because poverty is not a tourist attraction.

We do not believe in voluntourism. Volunteers are not tourists. Our projects are not a tourist attraction

Responsible Mission

It is our mission to be responsible in all aspects of our projects. For us, it's about more than just creating volunteer projects. We work hard to create and execute ethical projects that prioritize the needs of the community. Our programs are designed to deliver sustainable value while respecting the communities we serve. We have a long-term vision and we work hard to ensure that volunteers develop realistic expectations about the impact they will have.