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Vision and action can change the world

Our values

  • Bottom up: We understand that the local community knows best what is important to them and their community. Our projects have been developed together with these communities and our partner organisations.
  • Impact by sharing: We believe that sharing information, knowledge and ideas leads to progress for the communities you work for, as well as personal empowerment of you as a volunteer.
  • For everyone: We believe in diversity and give everyone regardless of gender, origin, ... the opportunity to do volunteer work. After all, we believe that every drop helps to fill the bucket.
  • Involved: We believe that traveling and volunteering abroad gives you a better understanding of the complexities of Mother Earth and the issues facing certain populations. Volunteering at Volunteer Abroad Alliance ensures that you can empathize with a culture that is foreign to you.
    From person to person: People learn from each other through the direct exchange of information. Our projects are based in a way where a human and personal approach is important.
  • Quality: We take our projects seriously, which means that the conditions to volunteer in a project may seem stricter than with other organizations. This is because quality always comes before quantity.


Ethical Code

  • Volunteers are not tourists. Volunteers serve the locals while tourists want to be served. We expect you to have an open, flexible and proactive attitude. After all, these are the most fundamental qualities of a good volunteer.
  • Volunteers are not employees. You will be directed before and during your volunteer work, however you will not receive the same training that an employee receives. We expect you to ask questions, offer your help and engage yourself in carrying out your project work.
  • Kindness and being positive are very good qualities. You will meet a lot of people during your volunteer work. Good social qualities are the key to success in getting along with others. The best volunteers are those who build good relationships with the people they work with. Take every opportunity to build a trusting relationship, even if there is a language barrier.
  • You live and work in a developing country where life is completely different from what you are used to. Don't expect to find the same efficiency, punctuality and structures that you are used to. Opening up to and adapting to new situations are the most fundamental qualities of a volunteer. Don't expect to get a screenplay thrown into your lap. Every day will be different and you may encounter different situations that you did not expect on your path.
  • Maybe you took a vacation to do volunteer work. However, keep in mind that a “volunteer holiday” does not exist. Volunteers enjoy their work and their free time. However, volunteering abroad is not easy. It can be very challenging and some days seem like an exercise in managing frustration. It's all part of the experience, so patience and a positive attitude are good qualities for a volunteer.
  • You are not going to change the world. As long as you carry out your duties in a responsible manner, you will be part of the team that aims to have a positive impact on the local community.
  • Be humble and open to learning. You may have overwhelming ideas, perspectives, talents, and knowledge to share. The locals also have a lot to offer.
  • You travel to a new country where the smallest parts of everyday life differ from what you know. Try to understand these and don't judge them too quickly. The culture of the community you live in isn't better or worse than your hometown, it's just different. Take off your blinders, open your heart and you will feel comfortable even outside your comfort zone.
  • During your volunteer work, and especially during the preparation, you will receive a lot of information from us about the projects, living facilities, daily life, ... However, circumstances can change unforeseen. Local needs may require you to perform different tasks than planned. You must understand that a volunteer's duties are based on local needs and not on you personally. It is your responsibility to adapt, because you are going to give and not take.



A good volunteer does not behave like in the video below



We are proud that you enjoy personal freedom within this alliance. You choose which destination you want to travel to, for how long and in what period. Bee Volunteer Abroad Alliance you are not a consumer but a member of an alliance. You can read how to participate at our transparency page.

Volunteer tourism

There has been a lot of talk about voluntourism lately. Many critics have a lot to say about this and articles have appeared in various media. It's our mission to offer an alternative for the commercial volunteer organizations.