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Business abroad

What we do for ourselves dies with us,
what we do for others is and will remain immortal.

An alternative for your company outings

Today, companies are increasingly involved in corporate social responsibility actions. Your company can also take action and share your professional knowledge with communities in other parts of the world. Like all entrepreneurs, we are also committed to the development of our projects and your professional knowledge can help our projects.

With many years of experience in development cooperation, we believe that we are an interesting partner for your company when developing a corporate volunteer work abroad. A volunteer project is more than a full-fledged alternative to traditional business trips, teambuilding, incentives and can be combined with on-site excursions.

We believe that volunteering with people linked to your company is an added value for various objectives of your company.

Why a group project with your company

  • It has been proven that potential employees nowadays look not only at the terms of employment but also at how organized the company is in the context of corporate social responsibility. For companies, it ensures motivated employees and a good reputation.
  • Employees are given the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills, to grow in the field of intercultural cooperation, to use the resources you have creatively and to learn to communicate in a different way.
  • Employees who participate in a group trip will get to know each other better and in a new way, which will improve mutual understanding and cooperation both during and after the trip. The work they do is therefore not only valuable for the project, but also good for team building.
  • Your customers like to work with a company that is committed to others.
  • Local communities benefit from the new skills they learn through knowledge exchange, intercultural collaboration and from the direct results of the volunteers' work, depending on the type of project.
Business abroad
Employees and customers show an interest in companies that focus on corporate social responsibility.

Volunteering abroad is a unique experience for your participants

Participate in a group project with Volunteer Abroad Alliance is sustainable travelling with a strong commitment. Get to know the culture and everyday reality of the country, not as a tourist, but as a guest.

Small scale

The local population benefits most from small-scale tourism.


Unique discovery and encounters with the local community.

Personal involvement

You really get to know the local community by working with them.

Why we organize volunteer work for companies

Business abroad
Group project participants are committed to serving the local community.

Tailored to your company

A group project is a unique combination of vacation, group travel and volunteer work. It may not be a tourist holiday, but we do make time for relaxation. With our local team you can explore historical sites, striking areas or take a rest day. Our local team members know the area like the back of their hand and will take you to places off the beaten track.

De members of our alliance who welcome groups have already collaborated with many other groups. We are active in different areasranging from building schools to healthcare and agriculture. Our group programs are always successful because we adapt the program to the individual needs of the group.

There is a difference in group size, period, duration, but also group wishes and your destination. That is why there will always be a new calculation of costs for every interested group. The invoice and costs are drawn up from arrival at the destination until departure.

We plan and provide programs that allow groups to make positive contributions to community projects, encourage intercultural learning, and expand the personal perspective. By approaching each group individually, we can work with you on a group project that suits youannand fits your budget.

You have the flexibility to leave all year round and this with a group size determined by you. We leave it up to you where, when and for how long you carry out a group project. We don't exclude anyone and want to give every organization the opportunity to get to know a different culture.

You come to places where you (partly) live under primitive conditions and a different climate. Your project work is tailored to your physical capabilities. It is not a very arduous journey, but you have to keep in mind that it is not a typical tourist journey. All we ask is that the participants have a good basic fitness and mental health.

If desired, a group trip can take place more often, the same or a new group can start working for the same community again a year later. Who knows, your company might become a big support for a community that doesn't have the same opportunities, wouldn't that be great?


The emphasis here is on strengthening the team spirit and what could be better than working together on something meaningful. Employees of a company or organization work together on something that the company sponsors.


Companies use incentives for salespeople, agents or customers. The reward and the accompanying recognition stimulate a desired behaviour. Of Volunteer Abroad Alliance we want to offer companies the opportunity to offer an alternative by offering volunteer work to their participants. Participants can participate in a project in groups or individually.

Going abroad with your company
Your participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Where can you go on a group project with your company?

Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ecuador - Otavalo
Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ecuador - Otavalo



Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ghana - Kpando
Ghana flag


Kpando District

Laos catch vieng
volunteering in Laos


Vang Vieng

Volunteering in Uganda



volunteer abroad alliance - Senegal - Warang
volunteer abroad alliance - senegal - warang - flag



Possible projects for your company

Your group collects money for your own project and will carry it out on site. You determine your budget in advance and based on this amount, we look together with the local population where there is a need at that moment, because they know this better than we do. We do not set a minimum on the amount to be collected.

The program of a project trip is therefore much more concrete & flexible than an immersion trip because you provide the funds yourself to carry out your own project.

The project is not necessarily “building”, for example a group of nurses can work in a first aid post.

Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ward

do you have any questions?

We would be happy to have a chat to see which group project best suits your group. Send an email to our coordinator Ward -  ward@Volunteerabroadalliance.org