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Guidance of children with Down syndrome


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Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Senegal - Warang - counseling of children down syndrome

Children with Down syndrome are more likely to have medical problems that can lead to physical problems over the years. Problems can also arise with behaviour, upbringing and mental development.

Regular monitoring from the first month of life through the teenage years is very important. In this way problems can be detected early and treated as well as possible and the child and the family can be guided as well as possible.

Advances in medical science have dramatically increased the health and life expectancy of children with Down syndrome. For example, early detection of problems can contribute to a better quality of life for the child.

What are your duties?

Practicing and integrating it into daily care.

Conditions of Participation

  • Doctor/Pediatrician (or student in training) whether or not specialized in Down syndrome.
  • Pediatric physiotherapist, specialized teacher, students in training.
  • A good to advanced knowledge of French is necessary to be able to work smoothly with the local team


Ongoing but please note that during the rainy season July, August, September and the holidays (Christmas and Easter holidays) there are no class activities. During this period we need fewer volunteers, but there are regular tasks that need to be performed. You will learn more about this during the application for your volunteer work.

The volunteers arrange their work in consultation with the management of the school group.

All practical info

Everything you need to know about your stay in Warang