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Building and renovating schools


building schools in Laos

Donations and fundraising are used to build and renovate schools.

We cannot give any guarantee that you can participate in an (ongoing) project because we do not know howannbefore work is done correctly and whether sufficient funds are available during your presence. The only way to be sure of construction or renovation works is to provide funds yourself. This must be done in advance in consultation with us, so that we can discuss this with the Department of Education. After all, we work with them and don't just start something for them. By the way, you can't just walk into a school with a sum of money.

What are your duties?

Depending on the phase of the work, tasks include painting, plastering, painting, concrete preparation and pouring, ceiling, etc. You may even participate in the maintenance work of an educational institution.

Conditions of Participation

Take into account the climate in Laos and the limited facilities that can weigh heavily on physical work. You should also keep in mind that the available work materials (if they are available at all) are not of the same quality as you are used to. Creative thinking is a plus.


You can start all year round. Depending on the available funds.

All practical info

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