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Business Development Assistant


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Business Development Assistant

The local team provides business management workshops to young and female small-scale entrepreneurs who wish to start their own businesses and/or become leaders of civil society organisations.

Since its establishment in 2006, the organization has financially supported more than 860 women and youth. The organization continues to expand its operations into rural areas to reach populations with less access to technology and development. The organization also supports minorities, such as female entrepreneurs in the indigenous population, but also women with HIV.

What are your duties?

Volunteers are expected to: contribute to building and updating the database; assisting at the front desk, working in various workshops and helping to develop and conduct educational sessions focused on women's entrepreneurial goals.

  • Update database: you help to enter personal information in the database about customers who have applied for a credit to become entrepreneurs.
  • Credit registration: You process the data of the customers. This information will be used for future credits and organizational support.
  • Workshop support: You accompany the local team to rural areas to give workshops to small-scale entrepreneurs who cannot make it to Mukono. These workshops are training and seminars in business topics such as marketing, business plan and microcredit.
  • Front Desk Assistance: You assist at the front desk like customers call to coordinate interviews.

Conditions of Participation

  • You speak English (must not be fluent)
  • Abilities to adequately perform professional and financial services in relation to the needs of the organization.
  • Excellent skills in logistics management, information and computer technology.
  • Strong creative ability.
  • Ability to conduct research related to the organization and collect the information derived from such research to improve the program.
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a strong ability to produce high quality reports and presentations.
  • Abilities to focus on the designed end goals of the program.
  • Abilities to meet deadlines and also perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Able to work in a team.
  • Abilities to interact freely with other team members regardless of their responsibilities.
  • You must be sociable, energetic, positive and fun.


You work from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 16 pm

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