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Allround technician


All-round technician in Gambia

We offer this project to improve the general facilities of the village and the school. The aim is to create long-term independence among the local population.

What are your duties?

  • Improving and making the electricity supply safer (by adjusting cabling and installing distribution box(es)).
  • Repair bicycles and teach repairs.
  • Provide support with construction works (including plumbing, water and electricity supply, …).
  • Organizing basic training with a view to independence.
  • Various small works.
  • ...

Conditions of Participation

  • Basic knowledge of English (doesn't have to be perfect);
  • Be aware that the work is also a form of training for the villagers, who have little or no experience with electricity and other construction activities such as carpentry, ….;
  • Patient character;
  • open minded;
  • Positive attitude;
  • Good collaboration skills;
  • team player;
  • Able to work with limited resources,
  • Being able to communicate with a very limited common language base.


There is no set schedule. You carry out your tasks in consultation with the local team and the mentor of the project.

All practical info

Everything you need to know about your stay in Jammeh Kunda