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Medical & Social Services in Senegal


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Medical and social services in senegal

In our group of schools in Senegal we offer various branches of medicine, ranging from general medicine, dentistry, nursing, social assistance, physiotherapy, and other specialties.

During school hours, the pupils can use first aid medication in a separate room under the supervision of a professional nurse. Volunteers are informed by the management and the authorized nurse.

What are your duties?

  • The goal of the volunteer is to contribute to the quality and continuity of care within a specific domain in the school group where we are active.
  • The core of the volunteer's contribution is to perform diagnostic examinations, monitor the patient's health condition and, if necessary, take therapeutic action.
  • In concrete terms, the tasks of the volunteer include: examining, monitoring, treating, guiding and communicating with all patients with all disorders within the (medical) field.

Conditions of Participation

  • The volunteer has received training (or is following training) within a specific medical domain (medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, social assistance).
  • Volunteers who provide extra guidance without medical interventions are also welcome. It is important that you are socially oriented and open to organizing activities for children with Down syndrome.
  • A good to advanced knowledge of French is necessary to be able to work smoothly with the local team.


Ongoing but please note that during the rainy season July, August, September and the holidays (Christmas and Easter holidays) there are no class activities. During this period we need fewer volunteers, but there are regular tasks that need to be performed. You will learn more about this during the application for your volunteer work.

The volunteers arrange their work in consultation with the management of the school group.

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