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Construction and maintenance


community outreach assistant

The local organization supports the communities with the construction but also with the maintenance of various facilities from schools to village offices, but also doctors' posts and agricultural facilities.

What are your duties?

You will support in the many types of tasks involved in maintaining the infrastructure developments being carried out in the communities. These types of tasks are of course necessary to operate the facilities and are ideal for someone who wants to help and contribute in a positive way.

You will help build a community center and water resources in the rural villages to support sustainable development. You will work with the local engineering team to assess construction needs at a specific stage of the center and, if necessary, organize all necessary data and supplies to complete the task.

Duties include:

  • General repairs: You help maintenance personnel with repairs to the facilities. These tasks may include renovations, roof repairs, door or window replacement, or other structural repairs necessary to maintain a safe environment for residents.
  • Painting: You help paint walls in all areas of the settings.
  • Gardening: The facilities provide gardens for residents and you will be required to help with gardening on a regular basis.
  • Help build tables, benches, walls or other construction work.
  • Logistics: The planning of an appropriate methodology for the construction phase, including obtaining local volunteers from the area, suitable for the jobs. You will be in charge of all the materials needed for the construction, such as tools and materials, as well as transportation, food and shelter for the local volunteers.
  • Supervision of the construction site: You are responsible for ensuring that all safety regulations were observed, that all (local) volunteers are directed and supervised for the daily activities, that at the end of each working day all materials were stored correctly and that the site is clean and safe.

Conditions of Participation

  • You have sufficient knowledge in the construction industry including several years of experience as the placement assignment is not only to help build the facility but also to be in charge of the entire operation.
  • You are a mature person capable of organizing all aspects of construction as well as supervising the (local) volunteers who would work on the site.
  • A construction and maintenance volunteer must be able to perform heavy manual labor in the Ugandan climate.
  • You must be sociable, energetic, positive and fun.


You work from Monday to Friday between 9am and 16pm.

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