Volunteering Abroad during COVID

As the world reopens and travel restrictions are lifted, many volunteers like you are making plannand to go abroad to give support to those in need. We understand that this is a challenging time to travel and because you probably have a lot of questions, we've answered the most frequently asked questions about traveling during the COVID-19 below.

At the moment we get a lot of questions (and applications) about volunteering at our projects. As you can read on our website, quality over quantity is our priority and the availability limited, because of this we unfortunately have to follow the “first comes first principle” because for us it is useless to have too many volunteers in a destination if the community you're going to help doesn't benefit from it. Contact us to discuss your volunteer work.

The destinations below are currently open, but keep in mind that there may be travel conditions depending on your place of residence. For the travel conditions you can take a look at the website of IATA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the nearest embassy of your destination.

Volunteering in Uganda
Uganda flag Volunteer Abroad Alliance



Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ecuador - Otavalo
Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ecuador - Otavalo



Volunteer Abroa Alliance - Peru - nueva union
Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Peru - flag


Nueva Unión

Volunteering in Africa - Tanzania
Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Tanzania - flag



volunteer abroad alliance - gambia - jammeh Kunda
volunteer abroad alliance - gambia - flag


Jammeh Kunda

Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ghana - Kpando
Ghana flag


Kpando District

volunteer abroad alliance - Senegal - Warang
volunteer abroad alliance - senegal - warang - flag



Laos catch vieng
volunteering in Laos

In Stock

Vang Vieng

If you get COVID-19 before your start date, we may postpone your volunteer work.  

If you incur costs for changing your vluchten, this should be covered by your insurance policy. However, all insurance policies are different, so we strongly recommend that you read the terms of your insurance policy before you travel. 

Each country has its own specific security measures. You can ask your mentor about these measures before you leave your home country.

You'll also get a briefing at the start of your volunteering about how to stay safe locally and what the current restrictions are.

In general, however, we recommend that you wear masks on public transport and at your internship, and at all times in public. We also ask that you avoid crowded places – respecting social distancing is very important at this time.

Our local teams know which hospitals and clinics volunteers should go to if they get sick or show symptoms.

Volunteer Abroad Alliance - Ward

do you have any questions?

We would be happy to have a chat to see which group project best suits your group. Send an email to our coordinator Ward -  ward@Volunteerabroadalliance.org