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Each of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

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Volunteer Abroad Alliance is an alliance of Belgian non-profits that, together with our partner organizations, want to make a difference for disadvantaged communities.

a collection of experience

Thanks to the unique collaboration of our alliance, Volunteer Abroad Alliance posesses years of experience and expertise in various fields. The participating organizations have been active in their projects for years, which means that this alliance provides certainty in top expertise. Our mentors know better than anyoneelse the projects where you volunteer because they have been involved in them for years.

Our way of working guarantees a positive impact on both the community you will be helping, but also on you as a volunteer. With Volunteer Abroad Alliance we create a win-win situation.

The participating organizations of our alliance are active in various advisory boards and are evaluated annually by various expert committees, which makes the projects in which you will work reliable with a focus on progress and collaboration.

our validation process

We regularly receive emails asking whether an organization or a travel agency can join our alliance. As good as the intentions are, we are unable to respond to most requests because our rigorous validation process is not met.

We have a rigorous validation process as we want volunteers to spend their time efficiently with NGOs & NON-profits using the volunteers to achieve their goals.

Our validation process has been put together thoroughly and with care. Our double validation is the only way we really have the impact on the world we want to create. This way of working ensures that all our projects have valid project licenses and legal registration have.

  1. All collaborating partners in our alliance are officially registered as a non-profit organization in a western country (mainly Belgium).
  2. All organizations work together with a registered partner in one of the countries where you will be doing volunteer work.

We take our projects seriously, which means that the conditions to start working for a project may seem stricter than at other organizations. This is because quality always stands above quantity.

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