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What we do for ourselves die with us,
what we do for others remains and is immortal.

Family Volunteer Abroad

An Meaningul Alternative For Your Annual Holiday.

Are you looking for a family experience that leaves lasting memories long after you’ve returned home? Volunteering abroad is the best way to experience a new country and immerse your family in a different culture, all while giving back to a community abroad.

Volunteer as a family and get involved together. Precious family time and volunteering is the perfect combination to make this world a better place. We have different programs that can be suited for  family volunteer abroad. You can volunteer abroad with your children, siblings or even with your grandparents.

Like all parents and greandparents, we are also committed to the personal development of your famity. We want to help to expand their view of the world and take on their own future with our family projects. 

We want to make your family members aware of the other socially relevant themes that play beyond their own world of living. Your family not only get to know a new culture, but they also learn to work in a group and personally experience how enriching it is to give others a better future.

Your family learns a lot about personal development, self-esteem, their language skills will improve, they learn to live and work in an international and intercultural environment, expanding their view of the world, event putting their education in an international light, …

With  years of experience in development cooperation, we believe that we are an interesting partner for your family in developing a volunteer project abroad. A volunteer project is a fully-fledged alternative to the traditional summer holiday and can be combined with cultural excursions on the spot.

We believe that a volunteer project is an added value to several objectives of your family.

Discover new places with your family
family volunteer abroad
Work together on a project

Family Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering Abroad Is A Life Changing Experience

Small Scale

The local population gets the most benefit from small-scale tourism.


Genuine discovery & meetings with the local community.

Personal involvement

You only really get to know the local community by working together with them.

Why We Organize Family Volunteer Abroad Trips

family volunteer abroad
Meet other people

Designed For Your Family

The flexibility of our family volunteer abroad programs means you can already volunteer for 1 week but also up to a year. This allows you to your family volunteer into your children’s school breaks or your working year. We are flexible on details like budget, duration, itinerary, start and end dates, trip theme, etc.

We have two programs which easily can be customized to your liking. This allows you to rebuild more leisure time or activities provided by us.

We do not exclude anyone, and want to give each family a chance to get to know another culture. At the participants we only ask a good basic condition and mental health.

You come to places where you live in primitive conditions and a different climate. Your project work is tailored to your physical possibilities. It’s not a very tough trip but you have to take into account that it’s not a typical tourist trip.

During your volunteer program, children and teenagers under the age of 16 will need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. If you have children aged 16 and above, it’s possible for them to take part on their own volunteer project in certain destinations. During the first step of the application we will look whether this is possible and our local team will be more than happy to match individual family members with the correct projects.

Depending on the makeup of your family, especially with small children, we probably need to make special housing arrangements with our local team. This provides families with greater privacy and the opportunity to be accommodated together in private rooms.

If you are looking for a more social setting you have the opportunity to live in a volunteer house alongside other international volunteers, your family can enjoy our single volunteers so you also get to know your possible co-volunteers from another side. It is also possible to arrange single/double/twin rooms at the volunteer house.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the suitability for you family volunteer abroad project, as we will be happy to support you with the best destination to meet the unique needs of your family.

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