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Apply to volunteer abroad

If we could, we would love to crawl through our screen to give you a hug. The fact that you came here to apply to volunteer abroad in our projects, means that you are ready to do something great. Soon you will meet new people and create a positive impact in the lives of others.

Yes, you are going to have one of the best moments of your life – so laugh, tap on your shoulder and dance a little if necessary! This is the page where you become a volunteer at Volunteer Abroad Alliance. This is how we get to know you and welcome you in our alliance.

quick checklist

application form

Did you answer “yes” to the questions at the checklist? Awesome! Complete the application form and make us proud to welcome you as a volunteer.

how it works

When To Apply?

The earlier the better, but you can register at any time. You can apply months in advance, but we have already managed to get volunteers on site within a week.

English Application Procedure

We are an international team and English is the main communication within our Alliance. The application form is in English so that we can easily communicate with all team & local members of our alliance.

Registration Procedure

Simplicity is the key in our alliance, below you see the procedure that we follow:

  1. You complete the application form.
  2. The mentor for your requested destination will review, together with our local team, your application to see if you fit in the requested project.
  3. We send you the approval the latest, 5 days after your application.
  4. You complete your application after approval.
  5. You receive your volunteer agreement and all data from your mentor.
  6. You will receive your login codes for the project page where you will find all preparation information.
  7. You have contact with your mentor and start with the preperation of your placement.

Terms & code

Below our Terms & Conditions and Ethical Code which you need to agree with during the application procedure

You acknowledge that all activities are facilitated by VOLUNTEER ABROAD ALLIANCE VZW, registered as VZW (non-profit) under number 0639.967.396 obtained from the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Read these terms and conditions carefully. This is a legal document that affects your rights. You acknowledge the terms and conditions in this agreement as they relate to your voluntary participation in a program facilitated by VOLUNTEER ABROAD ALLIANCE VZW, referred to in this agreement as “we”, “our”, or “us” .

1. Personal risk
You acknowledge that traveling to a developing country and / or remote areas may involve risks and dangers, including but not limited to:
• Accommodations;
• Roads;
• Paths;
• The maintenance or use of a vehicle used for the transport of passengers;
• Transport by air, train, car, boat, horse or other animal, on foot or by another means of transport;
• Risks associated with food or drinking water;
• The consumption of alcoholic beverages;
• Hazards related to wild or other animals;
• Physical effort;
• Stolen, lost or lost property;
• Altitudes;
• Natural forces;
• Social unrest;
• Acts of terrorism;
• Accident or illness in remote areas without access to rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies and facilities;
• Adequacy of medical assistance provided.
• Pandemics

You acknowledge that personal injury, illness, emotional trauma, material damage and death may result from natural causes or activities of individuals or animals.
Once accepted in the requested facilitated program, then:
• Release all liability from us, our board members, our owners, our employees and all persons or groups associated with us (both in Belgium and in other countries);
• This means that you waive claims against us, our owners, our employees and all persons or groups associated with us, and you are explicitly aware of all the risks associated with participating in one of our facilitated programs.

2. Insurance
For all our facilitated programs, we ask you to take out medical travel insurance, including emergency evacuation. Unless otherwise stated, this is not included in the provided activity. You accept that we do not cover insurance regarding health, medical or disability inequality in our facilitated activities, at home, in the destination or journey to the destination. You agree that we are not liable for the suitability of an evacuation plan, medical care, equipment, or supplies that may be provided during any of our facilitated activities. You acknowledge that injuries can be aggravated or increased by negligent rescue operations or procedures by us or by third parties. You abstain from all claims, do not hold us liable and / or do not complain about all acts of negligence or injuries caused by administering first aid or medical treatment. You acknowledge that you are personally responsible for your own well-being, all risks of loss of property or damage, unexpected events, personal injury or illness, emotional trauma and death.

3. Cancellation and refund conditions
Alliance contribution
The alliance contribution is not reimbursed under any circumstances. Once paid, you are automatically registered within Volunteer Abroad Alliance VZW until you cancel your registration. If you do not adhere to our statutes, employment conditions, ethical code and other conditions of a facilitated activity, you will be excluded from our facilitated activities in the future, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the alliance contribution under any circumstances. Participating in one of our facilitated activities cannot be done without being registered within Volunteer Abroad Alliance VZW. There is no preparatory material and no briefing meeting before the participant is in order with his/her alliance contribution at Volunteer Abroad Alliance VZW.

Accommodation costs
You must pay the total sum of your accommodation costs at the latest 48 hours after arrival at your destination. If you do not pay on time, your activity will be canceled. No reason is valid as a deferment due to non-payment of accommodation costs.
Nverer ask us or the local team to waive our reimbursement conditions, regardless of the reason. We understand that plans sometimes change. Nevertheless, people who withdraw are very disturbing for our team and the local communities that we support. Under no circumstances do you request a refund or discount from our local partners. Making exceptions for some people and not for others is simply not fair for us and for third parties.
We reserve the right to revise the rates at any time and without notice. If you have already submitted your application and have been accepted by us but have not yet started your activity, we will retain the original costs.
As soon as your activity starts, neither we, nor the local partner will compensate one of your costs for late arrival, interruption or early departure from the project environment. Conditions include, but are not limited to, family and / or medical emergencies; dissatisfaction with your activity; visa issues; and general change of your plans.
If you do not adhere to the terms and conditions imposed by us or our local partner during your activity, you can be removed from the project environment, you cannot claim any form of refund.

Transport costs and extra supervision of project work.
The volunteer is responsible for carrying the costs of transport to their project environment projects unless otherwise stated in the project description. We demand great independence from our volunteers. The costs for the extra guidance requested by volunteers which are not provided as standard are for the responsibility of the volunteer.

4. Vaccinations and the travel pharmacy
Despite all the information provided to you, you accept that we are not medical professionals and that we have no medical expertise. We recommend that you visit your doctor or travel advice center in time. It is your own responsibility to personally determine which vaccinations and medical procedures you need before, during and after the activity and to arrange these.
You agree that we are not responsible for the suitability of an evacuation plan, medical care, medical equipment, or supplies provided to you during or after placement. You are responsible for your own well-being and you accept and acknowledge all risks of personal injury or illness, emotional trauma, material damage and death that may occur as a result of one of our facilitated activities.

5. Travel to the projects
We are not a travel agent, we only facilitate your volunteer work. You are responsible for arranging and paying for all your airline tickets and other transportation to and from your destination. Despite providing travel advice, it is your own responsibility to arrive in the project environment in a comfortable and safe way.

Start and end dates are previously determined. If you arrive late in the project environment or if you miss a few days of your placement, for whatever reason, neither we nor our local team will reimburse you. If you stay extra days before or after your volunteer work, these days will be charged by the local team.

6. Travel at your destination and transit countries
You are responsible for arranging and paying for any local transportation that you need or wish to use at your destination and all transit countries. It is your own responsibility to use common sense to travel in a comfortable and safe way.

7. Visa
We provide advice on topics such as visas, passports & migration laws. The policy can always change without us being aware of it. You are responsible for planning your arrival and departure from your destination, transit countries and you are in possession of the required documents. We are not liable for costs, financial or other costs that occur in an attempt to enter or leave a country.

8. Volunteer Abroad Alliance VZW facilitates
Volunteer Abroad Alliance VZW only facilitates for our participating organizations and local partners. You accept that we facilitate activities for which housing, transportation and other activities are regulated by local partners.
If you have been admitted to the requested and facilitated activity and you complied with the social contribution then you confirm that our employees and all persons or groups linked to us are not liable and exempt from:
• Negligence, intentional act or omission of service from our local partners, including, but not limited to, their partial or complete failure of the services provided;
• Personal injury or illness, emotional trauma, property damage or death as a result of a service or service offered by our local partners;
• An error, misrepresentation or misunderstanding, intentional or unintentional, made by our local partners.

Although you applied and were accepted for a certain project, local circumstances and needs may change. The project descriptions are only intended as a broad overview of your work. It is impossible to offer you the exact details and scope of your work – remember that you are doing volunteer work in a developing country where circumstances can change within a few hours. Being flexible and being able to think are crucial characteristics of a good volunteer. Moreover, do not forget that you must fit in with your project as a volunteer and not the other way around. We expect you to contribute where the need arises, even if it means being involved in a task that you did not expect to work. Furthermore, the participant must also note that many employees of our local teams have been recruited locally and have never received the same training as the participant. You are aware that you cannot get the same professional explanation from the local partner as you are used to in your personal environment. As a participant you must show a lot of independence.

9. Acceptance
To participate in one of our facilitated programs, you must complete and submit all necessary forms. We reserve the right to refuse your request for a facilitated activity for any reason. We consider the personal information you provide in the application form or during the application process to be truthful. You must also deliver all requested documents, including but not limited to a copy of your passport, at any time. Failure to deliver or submit a requested document can also lead to cancellation of the facilitated activity. Once accepted you can only change your arrival and period of volunteering if this fits in requested activity. You must always respect the minimum period requested by the project.

10. Ethical code
If you are admitted to an activity that we facilitate, you also accept our code of conduct & ethical code on our website and volunteer page, as well as the code of conduct of our local team. The volunteer page describes our expectations related to your participation in our facilitated program. We reserve the right to determine violations of the code. If at any time during your placement we think you are not respecting the code, we and our partner have the right to remove you from the project environment. You will not receive a refund for the remaining balance of your stay. You are a representative of our alliance and we expect you to always show respect for local norms, values and culture.

11. Documentation
All our documentation, including but not limited to the website, may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of advice, materials, opinions, statements or other information in our documentation. You acknowledge that trust in advice, material, opinions, statements or other information is at your own risk. We reserve the exclusive right to change our documentation, including but not limited to the prices, privacy policy, programs and conditions of facilitated services, at any time and without notice.

12. Legally binding
The conditions in this document are legally binding on you, your family, heirs, managers, and other legal representatives. By accepting this document, you do not rely on other verbal or written statements from anyone other than what is stated in this agreement. You agree that any statement not contained in these terms and conditions is not legally valid in the case of a lawsuit.
By accepting your connection to the applicable facilitated activity, you confirm that you have read this document correctly and fully understood the content of this agreement. You understand that this is a legally binding and enforceable agreement and that you are aware of the legal consequences. You voluntarily accept these terms and conditions. You declare that all information provided to us is true and we trust that this information is accurate.

13. Violations
You acknowledge that you are personally fully responsible for problems with the authorities. Under no circumstances may you require us or our local team to show any responsibility to any authority, nor any advisory attitude, nor to represent you.
You accept that violations during your stay in the project country or transit countries will lead to immediate removal from the activity and termination of facilitated activities, both during your project work and during your free time.
By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you are aware of the offenses in the destination country and in each transit country. You also acknowledge that the advice we provide is not used for any claims.

14. Image materials
All images supplied by the participant or third parties and in which the participant is present can be used by us or one of our partners to achieve the objectives of the organization.

15. minors
Minors traveling without parents and / or guardians must provide us with written permission from parents and / or guardians. This written consent must be requested through the national legislation currently in force.

16. privacy
For a perfect preparation of your volunteer work, we must provide our local team with the information you provide. In the event that you do not allow us to provide this information to our team, it is your responsibility if your preparation is incomplete upon arrival and problems occur during your stay.