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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landsapes,
but in having new eyes.

Group Projects Abroad

Customized Group Projects Abroad

Volunteering and choosing one of the group projects abroad with your group is easy with Volunteer Abroad Alliance! We create customized group projects abroad, student-led, faculty-led, service learning, high school, corporate or specialist groups (such as doctors, nurses, …), as well as families, friends and youth organizations.

We plan and deliver programs that allow groups to make positive contributions to community projects, foster cross-cultural learning and expand personal perspective. Taking a customized approach to each group enables us to work with you on an itinerary that suits your plans.

Taking a project trip with Volunteer Abroad Alliance is sustainable travel with a firm commitment. Get to know the culture and daily reality of the country, not as a tourist, but as a guest.

Group projects abroad
Get to know the local culture with your group


Your group fundraises money for your own project which your group personally will carry out on the spot. You determine your budget in advance and based of this amount we look together with the local community where there is a need at that time. We do not set a minimum on the amount to be collected.

The program of a project trip is therefore much more detailed, specific & flexible than an immersion trip because you provide the funds yourself to carry out your own project.

The project is not necessarily “construction”, for example, a group of nurses can work in a first aid post.


The program of an immersion trip is less flexible than a contribution project. During an immersion trip, you will visit our projects that have already been carried out and you will possibly participate in the ongoing projects of our local team.

The disadvantage of an immersion trip is that you have no certainty in advance of the activities to be performed and the duration of these activities (if any). The exact schedule is getting closer as departure approaches, but you need to be flexible on the spot as a group because everything can change ans you might end with a complete new schedule.

If you want full  flexibility, definitely consider a contribution project.

Our Group Projects Concept

We do not organize group projects abroad for individual participants. The group projects are only for composed groups such as schools, youth movements, companies, friends or other organizations.

Each project trip is a tailor-made trip, so you are free to build in more free time. A project trip is a unique combination of a holiday, group trip and voluntary work. It may not be a tourist holiday, but we do make time for relaxation. 

With our local team you can explore historic sites, eye-catching areas or build in a rest day. Our local teams understand the area best and can take you away from the beaten track.

Because there is a difference in group size, period, duration but also group wishes and your Therefore, for every interested group, a kind of quotation will always have to be made from arrival at the destination to departure.

We do not exclude anyone and want to give every type of organization the opportunity to get to know a different culture. Minors must always be accompanied by adult supervisors.

Our group projects abroad are not difficult journeys, but the group should take into account that it is not an average tourist trip.

group projects abroad
get to know each other when you volunteer abroad with your group.

Our Experience With Group Projects Abroad

The organizations that welcome groups have worked with many high schools, colleges, and other groups. We work in all different areas of interest that range from building schools to healthcare and agriculture. Our group programs are always successful because we customize the program based on the individual needs of the group.

Our Group Projects Destinations

The destinations below are available for an adventure with your group. The information that is found on these pages is information for individual volunteers.

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