As we lose ourselves in the service of others,
we discover our own lives and our own happiness.

Community Work

Community Work In Different Fields

Community work is available at different destinations and there’s something to suit every area of expertise, skill level, and experience. When you do Community Work, your target could be children, teenagers, or adults looking for something.

Community Workers have the power to bring about positive socioeconomic change across a broad range of fundamental aspects that constitute the overall welfare of a community. You can match your skills with the right project that enables you to make a meaningful contribution in a country that has a need for your expertise and will really benefit from your time and effort.

For Community Workers, their lives are intertwined with those they are serving. They discover more and more about themselves every day as they learn to help those around them.

Education projects abroad



 Introduce sport, multimove and fun games for different target groups.

Education projects abroad


Homework Primary

Offer support with and after-school lessons to pupils whose parents are illiterate.

Education projects abroad


After School Support Secondary

Extra training for students in secondary education.

Community work


Playground & Homework

Work in a community center with children aged between 3 & 19 years.