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Volunteer abroad during covid

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Covid 19 situation

Situation To Volunteer Abroad During Covid

The Covid crisis also had its big influence on our operations, meaning we also did not escape from it.

Since March 2020 no more volunteers have left and all volunteers who were still on site, at that time, went back home. We  shut down our entire volunteer activities for the rest of the year (2020) in order to contribute in the spread of this horrible virus. 

Meanwhile some countries are opening up under certain conditions. With Volunteer Abroad Alliance we think volunteering is an essential commute. Our volunteers make a positive contribution to the local population. After all, their contribution ensures that the disadvantaged community is not even more disadvantaged. We have therefore decided to reopen our projects to volunteers since January 1, 2021, if permitted by the local government.

At his page we would like to inform you about the situation at our projects on all our destinations.

Country Information

The information below only concerns the destinations where Volunteer Abroad Alliance has projects. While some countries might not be open to visitors it might be possible that volunteers are allowed.

It is impossible for us to find out what the regulations are in the countries where our volunteers come from. Volunteer Abroad Alliance cannot make any statements about possible quarantines, tests and other conditions that you must meet when returning to the home country.

The information on this page is indicative, situations can always change last-minute without the Volunteer Abroad Alliance being aware about these changes.

Attention: first you need to apply and being approved by us and our local team before you can volunteer with us.


Destinations Senegal

While Senegal remains closed to tourists our volunteers are regarded as an essential need. Following requirements are needed.

  1. Apply to volunteer
  2. Authorisation letter from the local organization (provided by your mentor upon approval).
  3. Apply for a “Autorisation accès sur le territoire sénégalais” at the Senegalese Embassy in your home country with the authorisation letter (1), passport and plane tickets.
  4. To enter Senegal, you must provide a negative test for COVID-19 dated no more than 5 days earlier, issued in the country where you started your trip and authorised by that country or a recognised health organisation.
Education projects abroad
  1. Apply to volunteer
  2. Incoming passengers must be in possession of a negative COVID-PCR test administered in the country of origin within 72 hours prior to departure and will be retested upon arrival in Accra.
  3. The latest regulations from the Ghanian government have to be followed at any time;

In Ghana you must submit a double covid test upon arrival. More information about our projects in Ghana.



OPEN on the 1st of October – Covid requirements for volunteers will follow soon.

Education Projects Abroad
Education Projects Abroad
Education projects abroad
Destinations Ecuador

Meanwhile At Our Local Projects

This crisis has shown once again how resilient the communities we serve can be. In Cambodia, for example, they have started teaching online English classes and in Laos the local volunteer team has succeeded in continuing the activities as good as possible.

This again shows how the work from our volunteers benefits the local communities in the long term.

I can already hear you thinking, why are volunteers still needed? Volunteer Abroad Alliance’s philosophy is not to replace local capabilities, but to complement local activities so that these projects will have an ever bigger impact on the communities we support.

That’s why we’ve created this page so that we can return to expand our projects as quick as possible for the benefits of the communities we support.

volunteer abroad during covid
Our students in Laos cleaned their center during the Covid crisis.

What If You Want To Volunteer?

You are not alone showing who shows interest to volunteer abroad during covid at one of our projects. Our mailbox was and is booming whit candidates who are willing to volunteer at one of our projects. 

We are satisfied that so many people are showing interests in our projects, thank you for this because this is a gigantic moral support.

There are already two options which you can choose from:

  1. You can already apply to volunteer for the open projects.
  2. Subscribe yourself to our newsletter and you will get automatically informed when other projects are opening up.

What If You Can Not Leave?

As a member of the alliance you can volunteer abroad unlimited in the future.

So if for some reason you cannot depart, even if this reason is not COVID-19 related, you can always agree on a different date together with your mentor.

If the destination where you will be doing volunteer work is not accessible, you can always work on a different project, if you fit the profile of course.

You can read all about our ethical way of working on our transparency page.

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