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orthopedagogy in Tanzania

We offer guidance to our target group in the center but also in a home situation.

What are your duties?

  • Conducting a diagnostic investigation based on tests, interviews, observations and questionnaires.
  • Recording data and research and test results in files.
  • Supporting and providing information to those directly involved such as parents/carers, any other family members, supervisors.
  • Providing advice on, for example, didactic programs, teaching methods and pedagogical techniques.

Conditions of Participation

  • You are an enthusiastic student/volunteer with experience, but above all with a big heart for children/youth with a mental disability.
  • You are a person who wants to give this target group a future. You are specialized in development issues.
  • You are willing to guide children with disabilities to self-reliance together with us.


This program runs all year round, you personally arrange your planning with your mentor and the local team during your placement.

All practical info

Everything you need to know about your stay in Moshi